Neighbors Helping Neighbors - Service Together

An Initiative of the Knights OF Columbus.

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A Nation of Neighbors Helping Neighbors
A Summit on Volunteerism as a Response
to the Economic Crisis

Feb. 27, 2009

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors - Service Together

“Now is the time to reclaim the best of the American spirit and to build a nation of neighbors helping neighbors. Some in our country, it seems safe to say, lost sight of who their neighbor is. But all of us here today know very well the answer to the question.”

– Carl Anderson, speech from “A Nation of Neighbors Helping Neighbors: A Summit on Volunteerism as a Response to the Economic Crisis,” New York City, Feb. 27, 2009.

ServiceTogether seeks to connect individuals with the volunteer organizations that deal with the projects and issues those volunteers are most passionate about. Service groups become more effective in their missions and the experience becomes more rewarding for volunteers when the right volunteer is matched with the right organization.

In addition, the site contains considerable resources for volunteer organizations seeking to increase their effectiveness in mobilizing volunteers for critical projects.

Continuing – and drawing on – the spirit of the Neighbors Helping Neighbor’s Summit, ServiceTogether seeks to build upon the strength of a network of charitable and nonprofit groups. This new partnership will allow individuals and participating organizations to remain united in the mission of promoting volunteerism in their communities and creating a nation of neighbors helping neighbors.

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Volunteer Spotlight


Brendan Caputo: A Modern Day Good Samaritan

One morning Brendan was walking his dog when he heard a loud crash. As he continued to walking, he heard a moan coming from the area of the crash and knew he had to investigate. When he arrived at the area from where the cry was emanating, he found a man on a boat lift with severe injuries. The man was moving very slowly with both arms hanging at his sides and blood flowing from each sleeve.

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